История Шапкиной Кристины

1. История Шапкиной Кристины

Участница программы Work and Travel USA 2014

Last summer I’ve been to the United States of America. I was a participant of international student’s exchange program “Work&Travel”. This program helps students from all over the world to travel, to know different cultures, to see lots of beautiful places and to meet a bunch of kindness, vivid and joyful people. For most of students, in general, it is the best way not only to travel but to improve their language skills.

I started my adventures with another russian girl who took part in this program like me.
First of all we arrived at the JFK airport in New York City. We had to find a subway calling at China Town cause we had a bus there (Greyhound lines) which was going to South Carolina where we spent most of our time. We asked people but no one could help us because they did not know where the subway was. But fortunately a nice guy who was working at this airport helped us, and he showed us the whole way up to China Town, he had to work though. Later when we found our bus station that guy with his buddy met us over there and decided to show Manhattan, Brooklyn and even fed us. So that was a hearty welcome, so to say.
The next stop was Columbia, SC where we had been working and meeting new friends. We had two days off so we had an opportunity to travel around and to go to the ocean from time to time with our friends. While being there we had met a bunch of guys from the other states so later we could visit them in Georgetown, Miami, islands close to the Key West ( is the southernmost city in the Continental United States), Washington DC and New York again.
At the end of the summer we had to be back home as we need to get our degree at the Russian Universities. But we still text our Americans and send them pics or videos about our russian life so they do that as well.